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Traditional film giant strong in the digital arena
(by Conrad H. Blickenstorfer)

Fujifilm was founded in 1934 in a small Japanese village at the foot of famous Mt. Fuji (hence the name). The goal of the new company was to produce film for the emerging motion picture industry. In 1965 the Fuji opened a small office in New York and the rest is history. Today, Fujifilm USA's makes professional and consumer film and cameras; digital imaging products; including commercial and consumer cameras and printers; digital minilabs and kiosks, photographic paper and photofinishing supplies; professional movie film, floppy disks, CDs and DVDs, tape cartridges, and other data storage media; videotape and audiocassettes; professional and consumer optical discs; microfilm and other micrographic products; and graphic arts film, conventional and digital printing plates, analog and digital color proofing systems, drum and flatbed scanners, imagesetters and computer-to-plate systems.

Of particular interest to digital camera users is Fujifilm's diverse lineup of innovative digital cameras. As as worldwide conglomerate with a rich photographic history, Fujifilm develops its own special technologies to enhance the performance and feature sets of its digicams. Examples are the "Super CCD" that more closely mimicks the silver-halide structure of film, resulting in sharper images with better color accuracy. The Super CCD is now in its 4th generation with the Super CCD HR (High Resolution) and Super CCD SR (Super Dynamic Range).

Another example of Fujifilm's innovative approach to digital photography is its "Image Intelligence" technology that automatically fixes errors and problems, resulting in beetter and more vibrant pictures.

Finally, the company's highly regarded Fujinon lenses benefit from decades of expertise in optical glass manufacturing.

Fujifilm also has a very nice and helpful website for digital camera users, including a digital dictionary that can quickly provide an explanation on anything related to digital imaging.

At this point, Fujifilm divides its consumer digital cameras into five different series:

  • The "Sensible" A Series of point & shooters
  • The "Smart" F Series of super-compacts with advanced features
  • The "Stylish" V and Z Series of ultra-elegant ultra-compacts
  • The "Serious" S Series of larger cameras with advanced features and control
  • The "Sophisticated" E Series of compacts with more creative control.
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